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Established in Boston, Lincolnshire, over 130 years ago Fogarty is located in a region of Eastern England with a very long history in international trade and which is famous as the starting point for the Pilgrim Fathers on their long journey to America.

Fogarty’s origins in Boston began in 1877 as a feather processing company based in a major poultry rearing area.  The company took its current name in 1901 upon its acquisition by Edward Fogarty, a local entrepreneur.  Fogarty quickly established a reputation for quality and reliability in sleeping products, which over the years has lead to its becoming recognised as the Master Quilt and Pillow Maker.

Fogarty has long been renowned for its commitment to innovation and product development. We have always been at the forefront of new ideas in the filled bedding products market, bringing many exciting and original ideas to stores for the first time.  With new materials and processes continually being developed, we begin with the belief that even the best can be improved upon over time and are engaged in a continuous programme of product development with sources around the world. Testing, both in our own laboratory and by independent test houses, is carried out regularly to ensure materials are in line with our own standards and satisfy the technical requirements of markets, in which we operate.

Fogarty’s distinctive packaging style creates a strong store presence and the logo, displayed prominently on the packaging, provides a reassuring sense of heritage and quality. Product information and benefits are clearly indicated, enabling the customer to make an informed choice of the right selection for them.

People spend on average one third of their lives sleeping, so it is of the greatest importance to ensure that they benefit from the most comfortable and relaxed sleeping patterns.  Not everyone has the same sleeping requirements and so we at Fogarty aim to provide a variety of products, which give a wide range of options.  Whether the choice is between natural and fibre fillings, lightweight and heavier quilts or a variety of specialist pillows, we aim to match our customers’ needs as closely as possible.  We have introduced a specialist range of Anti Allergy products, which carry the independent Seal of Approval of the British Allergy Foundation.  These are available additionally in children’s bed sizes under the brand Little Fogarty. Most recently we launched a new, exclusive bedding range under the brand Boston Quilt & Pillow Company for the ultimate in luxury – but still with the reassurance of being part of the Fogarty family.

At Fogarty we are committed to trading in such a way that we have as little impact on our environment as possible. Through our Code of Conduct we work throughout our supply chain to ensure that all those involved in production processes are treated fairly and with respect and operate in a safe, healthy environment.   

In summary, our business philosophy can be described as being dedicated to maintaining the strength of the Fogarty brand, combined with development and innovation, manufacturing excellence and marketing support, which together create product choice and customer satisfaction of the highest order.

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