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1952.  An idea, a passion that develops into an adventure; this what Mario Briccola, with courage and dedication, has turned into a real entity.  Bric’s is a story of achievements and ideas that played an important role in pursuing and anticipating the evolution of leather-goods trends.  A ‘Made in Italy’ brand, the result of a family based project that spread throughout the world of style.

In certain cities you can perceive a unique magic, a feeling of prestige and elegance that you notice as you stroll along illuminated shop windows.  This is where Bric’s has established it’s image, creating points of sale in Europe and in the world that exhibit one trait – class.  One example for all is the Brics Store in the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery, in Milan, the symbol of tradition infused with inventiveness, with a constant drive towards new.

Bric’s is not just a must of Italian leather-goods, but is a way of life, a status that merges classicism with creativity.  An image consolidated over time and conveyed through advertising campaigns aimed at representing the spirit of the company and the quantitative and aesthetic value of its products.  The Bric’s brand epitomizes traveling, always with a refined touch.